Jul 14


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i speak for myself when I say Im greatly disappointed in the strokes and their mgmt team. There is no way this 4th album will be released in 2009 and probably never will. You proved you dont have the longevity to be a great band. this solo tour for julian will only interfere with working on this new album and supporting it. go ahead and take this off the board if you want. the strokes are done and Im very sad about that.

* try to take a page out of the walkmen's book, they are a REAL band, and the best U.S. band out right now

I wont be signing in here anymore, go ahead and send me nasty posts, but what i said is the truth and youre in denial if you think differently.

bye everyone. you suck anyway

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Dude, they even admitted when they first announced the new album that it most likely wouldn't come out in '09. And Walkmen is pure shit. So I don't know what you're talking about. I went to one of they're shows, cuz I got a free ticket. I went... and the opening band was 5 times better.

i think theyre just takin their time with the 4th to make sure its absolutely perfect. they have set themselves quite a high benchmark.

OMG the Strokes are not over!!

and julians solo album wont interfiere with anything!

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

GASP!!! :? 8-)

[quote="___"]Who are you again?[/quote]

That's what I was thinking.

Who are you again?

the fact that mogis is working on the album makes me more than a little interested. bring it on jules.

on the shallow end of things; he looked really hot in the commercial thingy.

you'll be back