'I Quit Dis Bitch!'

Jul 23

'I Quit Dis Bitch!'

Posted by Crazy Dragon on

to all unconcerned:

i have had ENOUGH of the bullshit that goes on around here. people bickering like it fucking matters what they think of each other. you are never going to see each other in real life so shut the fuck up and ignore each other so the rest can read through a bulletin without it being interrupted by stupid shitbags calling each other names.
the only people that i did enjoy talking to have mostly migrated away from the board and it has gotten pretty boring..
but i will remember Sophmore and KOS and all the others i used to talk to and get along with.
so, that said. i will now inform you that i am leaving this board and moving to a new one called http://www.skeletalcircus.com/. that is all things DAX.
you don't know who that is?
well look:



that is all.
thanks and goodbye.

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