Who wants The Strokes to have a Facebook Page?

Aug 10

Who wants The Strokes to have a Facebook Page?

Posted by samk25 on

Hey to all. Who wants The Strokes to have a Facebook Page? I would very much because like many fans around the world, I have a facebook and not myspace account. So it would be a great service to all the facebook fans, please consider. :)

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I'm pretty sure this is it; http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=the%20stroke&init=quick&tas=0.26480905564982726&ref=ts#!/thestrokes

hey if you're interest in knowing there's a lot of fan "clubs" of the strokes in facebook but i don't really know if there's one official facebook club of the strokes :)

Okay I just saw the page on Facebook, and it does seem real hehe! I'll become a fan! Well now we know that "someone" atleast in the band knows what facebook is, so could the band have it's own page now! pleaseeeee!!!

well i don't know if the whole band has a facebook but julian has one, i don't really now if he is the one posting in there but there you can find news from his solo and more stuff. :)

I do!

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