ALbert Hammond Jr.

Aug 24

ALbert Hammond Jr.

Posted by iluvnickvalensi on

so, so, so....
at the end of the strokes film, "In Transit", Albert Hammond Jr.'s song 'in transit' plays, now how is that?
if that was all the way in 2001, and albert hammond jr. is so much later?
im confused... :?

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nevermind, aha, i got it.
just a little slow. :roll:

okay, obstinate. and who wrote that?

someone's a late strokes fan.
the earlier version of the song In Transit, featured in the film, is called obstinate. he later re-recorded the song as In Transit.

it sounds like an early version of it though. maybe they went back and edited the video....people on youtube do that all the time.

time travel

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