Albert Amp

Aug 26

Albert Amp

Posted by airline123 on

I know that albert uses a hot rod deville but does anyone know about the settings he uses on the amp? Any old documents or pics would help. Thanks! :D

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even in the concerts they sound clear i see why. what a way to um gotta :arrow:

Nick and Albert both use the first version of the Jekyll and Hyde overdrive pedal, version 1 isn't available no more you can only attempt to buy it second hand, the updated version 2 looks and sounds more modern and won't give you as good 'strokes sound' as the first version. They use mostly the overdrive side of it, and the mxr micro amp pedal for solo boosts, not sure about how they exactly get there tone but drive is usually just past half way, the tone is kept away from being high and the volume is about three quarters. They both just run pedals through the clean channel of the hot rod deville.

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