7 hours until Julian's DEBUT SHOW!

Aug 30

7 hours until Julian's DEBUT SHOW!

Posted by Max Fischer on

They better get an incredible bootleg video or audio recording of the show! This is frickin Japan, right ?!

They make all that crazy tiny tech we can't even buy, right?

Sex robots and stuff? No?

I wonder if Julian did it with a fem bot last night to celebrate? Maybe tonight?

Wait.. lol I think it's 7 hours.. someone check my calculations..

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Yeah... I wanted to see him with a guitar....or at least a mic stand. Something to grip...even if just as a prop. Someone on youtube commented saying it looks like karaoke...and it kinda does...as reluctant as I am to admit it. But I think that's more do to the poor sound quality than anything. He's got to have been nervous...I expect everything will improve and be more comfortable for him and the audience.

I thought the same thing.. but I think it is from a number of things.

The video/audio quality.

I think the Strokes always look rough early on when they are honing their new material.

The biggest thing though is that Julian has been relaxing for so long without doing much. It's literally like he is starting over I think.

Oh yeah.. and it makes it a lot harder when you aren't just biting all the Strokes songs like the rest of the band.. :lol:

Does anyone else think Julian looks like an ametour on stage without the strokes? OR is it just me :?

I'm not sure whether he debuted there because of this, http://www.themodernage.org/2009/08/19/julian-casablancas-plays-the-open... or whether they booked him for that because he was already going to be in Tokyo. I hope that made sense haha.

Here's who played last night..

Ultra Slacker


I don't think japan wants to piss America off again... They think WWII was bad!

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant (pissed Strokes nation)"

Maybe they want revenge though!

Maybe that's why Julian is doing the show there? He felt guilty..

I'm sorry.. this is in bad taste.. but I'm really bored.. and antsy..

if a high quality video is not produced and released in the next week i think i can speak for a lot of people in saying that we won't be pleased....amazing that he's back

I know.. I'd give a body organ to see it.. why has Julian forsaken us?

I wonder why exactly they picked Japan? Are the Strokes really popular there?

haha I know rite..Cus the other videos that were uploaded from the pre secret show or whatever were crappy bad quality.So tomorrow we better see some better ones! And it is 12 PM in japan rite now.lol.i checked on my IPOD..So yeah i'd say 7 hours till Julian hits the stage! ahhh man do I wish I could be there!

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