Album Artwork for Phrazes...

Aug 31

Album Artwork for Phrazes...

Posted by coxcommunicationz on

P.S. I want to fucking murder 80% of the people that work for pitchfork...can they cover any story dealing with the strokes that isn't demeaning in a subtle way? Little bitch-nerdy wanna-be hipsters with big vocabs-motherfuckers...

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I cant wait! I think Im buying two copies of this. Just in case one gets scratched. ill never open the other one. :D :D :D :D

ahhhh Julian the great!
this looks freakin legit!ahhhhh cant wait for more details on the release date and tour dates already!!!!

I want to know the release date!!!! Those youtube vids are tooooo tempting but I want to wait until the album is released....

it's gonna be legen - wait for it - dary!! awesome cover!

Pitchfork is the shit by the way. OK, the writers are jerks (most of em) but the features are AWESOME!

Quit your bitch ass complaining and enjoy the news. Rather than masturbate in fear of growing anger.

Yay I just saw this on facebook! It's also on his webpage. It says:

[b]"We are proud to announce the official "PHRAZES FOR THE YOUNG" album cover. Stay tuned for a full track list, release date and details on the fall tour.."[/b]

I'm most concerned with/eager for [i]details on the fall tour[/i].

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