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Sep 01

Amazing Disney Shows

Posted by Max Fischer on

I am curious about something. I have been wondering about Julian performing in Japan. Remember how he said he wanted to do some "Amazing Disney Shows"? Julian's record label is RCA, which is owned by Sony, which is a Japanese company.

I am wondering if Julian had to do the first show in Japan to try to get financing to do the kind of elaborate tour he envisions. This is the only reason I can figure out as to why he would do things the way he did.

One of the main reasons I think this is because there was nothing Disney about his first show it seems.. and to do something like that has to cost a lot of money.. and I don't think the Strokes band mates have enough money to foot that kind of thing just for the heck of it, though I may be wrong.

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You might be right... remember that Pic of Julian at some party a few weeks ago? He was in some restaurant with Juliet and THIS guy'

This is one of the guys opening that business where Julian had his first secret private show..

Humberto Leon

I'm pretty sure that Julian's show was more of a social event, and maybe a tune up to a not-too-hostile crowd, than a means of making money. If you've read anything about the event where he played, you'll see there were a lot of celebs doing fashion stuff there, many of whom he's been linked to (Andy Sandberg, Jason Schwarzman, Kirsten Dunst, etc.)...So I think it was just something he wanted to do because it was...well, cool.

Here's an article that talks about the celebs there...

In Tokyo, a long list of bold-faced names converged Saturday night when Opening Ceremony co-founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim threw a megabash for their sprawling new flagship.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Alexander Wang, Kirsten Dunst, Erin Wasson, Jason Schwartzman, Andy Samberg, Stavros Niarchos and Rinko Kikuchi packed into the seven-story store in Shibuya to toast Leon and Lim.

“The man of the hour, the woman of the hour,” said Schwartzman, posing for the cameras with the duo. “I’m in the hour sandwich.”

The Olsens signed pieces from their brand, The Row, while Dunst admired the Native American-inspired jacquards from the retailer’s collaboration with Pendleton.

Samberg, his date Joanna Newsom in tow, said he is enjoying some vacation time before returning to New York for the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” with guest host Megan Fox.

“I come to Tokyo once a week. I have a lot of stocks out here,” Samberg deadpanned. “I’m mainly just here on business.”

Later, the crew headed to the Liquid Room for a lively after party and a special performance from Julian Casablancas. Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon rounded out the VIP list but kept a low profile as The Strokes’ lead singer gave an exclusive preview of his first solo album “Phrazes for the Young.”

Wang took advantage of the evening to release a bit of pre-fashion week tension and spent some serious time on the dance floor with his close friend and muse, Wasson.

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