celebrity encounters lets share...

Sep 09

celebrity encounters lets share...

Posted by Julian is soft on

[i]some ppl have awkward, flirty or mean stories.
i wanna hear yours.
has a celebrity ever asked you for toilet paper in the next stall?
ever told you to shut the fuck up?
has a celebrity ever farted in front of you??

:shock: once bert mckrackin (the used) was getting a little too touchy feely with the girls outside his show.
and some girl was hitting the guitarist and yelling "i thought you loved me" in the middle of the street. she was crying and at one point she feel to her knees in the middle of the street and he had to pick her up.

:o i witnessed cameron diaz shoe heel break off at her charles angel premiere and she actually turned red while drew and lucy tried to help her.

:lol: billy from good charlotte has a professional picture of him and his wife in his wallet he is standing behind her with like a starry background. i know this because i watched him purchase frozen yogert at city walk. oh and also he was hanging out with kris from n'sync...wtf?

:oops: once i called ned from rooney matt and he just said, "matt from rooney? ummm ok ill take a picture with you."


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