11th Dimension and September 11th

Sep 23

11th Dimension and September 11th

Posted by Max Fischer on

Hey.. I have something interesting to run by you all. I found something and I am not sure what to make of it. Ok.. I will list them and see what you guys think..

- Is it just me or do you think 11th Dimension sounds like Julian could be talking about the terrorist attacks on sept 11th? "America, I looked up to you but you thought I would look the other way" "Forgive them even if they are not sorry" "if you believe in this world don't burn it please" "complicated mammals on the wings of robots"

- The release date for the album was announced on sept 11th

[b]September 11th[/b], 2009
Julian’s debut album, PHRAZES FOR THE YOUNG will be released in the UK on October 19 and in the US on October 20th. You’ll be able to pre-order the record here…details will be posted before the release.[/quote]

- 11th dimension was released close to Sept 11th

- look at the art for 11th dimension.. does this remind you of anything? Especially considering the above info? [img]http://www.juliancasablancas.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/11thDIMENSION.SINGLE.COVER.sm2.jpg[/img]

And then the track listing - I am wondering if the whole album might be about 9-11 to some degree. But it's confusing because like in 11th dimension it seems Julian might be mixing other things in as well.

1. Out of the Blue (when I think of 9-11 I thnk of those planes comin out of the blue sky)
2. River of Brake Lights (cars leaving the city)
3. 4 Chords of the Apocalypse (x marks) (terrorism - apocalypse)
4. 11th Dimension
5. Ludlow St. (there was a Suzanne Vega song about 9-11 with the exact same title)
6. Glass (glass from buildings?)
7. Left & Right In the Dark
8. Tourist

It seems really odd to me that Julian would title a song Ludlow street knowing Vega did one.. AND announcing the release date for the album on 9-11....

Now,.. I hope no one jumps to conclusions. I am just stating the possibility so we can all look for other clues. But I don't want to taint how the CD is viewed.

But when I first heard 11th dimension I immediately thought of 9-11 and all the fall out from it. Especially the "forgive them even if they are not sorry" line and the part about America.

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What do you mean kookies? Please elaborate.. I would like to hear more.

My little theory is eleven dimensions- depth, physics, and maybe something significant with reference to time.. :roll:

That's mean, Lazer! :lol:

What if Julian comes forward and says that is what he was referencing? Then will you think it's crap? :D Don't paint yourself in a corner man. :D

WOW! and u know what?!
Casablancas! that's 11 letters!
seriously guys this is crap!

It goes really reall ygood with the grey background haha. Just got lucky though. :D

i LOVE your avatar thingy Max haha ive been waiting for it.

That's a good way to put it kookies.

Naaah! i just think Julian has a beauuuuuuuutiful, awesomely creative, and brave way to communicate- the Good Bad and even the Ugly.


My hunch about this album is that it is about 9-11, but the key to it is in Julian's preview. Remember the images showing atoms and planets and how these things are similar?

I think what Julian is doing is relating the small things in life to the larger issues.. this is why 11th Dimension starts with Julian saying he doesn't like to shake hands - just nod.. and then ends the song talking about saving the world and maybe 9-11 - "complicated mammals on the wings of robots" and the end of the world..

I think Julian is tying these little issues that cause people to not get a long and connecting them to these larger issues in which society is imploding over.

I just realized something.. I think there may be signs that Julian planned the release of the album around 9-11 specifically.

I am thinking Julian had the Phrazes album pretty much ready BEFORE the Strokes started working on the 4th album.

Originally I thought they planned working on the 4th album before announcing Julian's solo project because they were afraid fans would think the band was breaking up.. because it seemed obvious his album was ready before the Strokes started working on the 4th album.... but I think waiting to release the album around 9-11 makes a lot more sense to me because of the order of events.

ahahahah yo we all got deleted that's hilarious

Also.. check this out..


[size=200][b]Songs About the Attacks of September 11, 2001[/b][/size]

Posted Mon Sep 8, 2008 4:30pm PDT by Robert of the Radish

The attacks 7 years ago on September 11th saw Islamist terrorists murder 3,000 innocent people from over 90 different countries at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and at Shanskville, Pa.

The horrible event is burned into the minds of billions across the world and was the catalyst for the U.S. led War on Terror. The horror of the attacks and the world's response has been creating reaction accross the globe since it occurred. Musicians have also taken part in the conversation with many songs inspired by the events of 9/11.

This playlist examines the feelings of songwriters in regards to the attacks of 9/11.

Songs About the Attacks of September 11, 2001

1. Covered In Rain - John Mayer

2. Sacrificed Sons - Dream Theater

3. Undivided - Bon Jovi

4. Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American) - Toby Keith

5. Let's Roll - Neil Young

6. Bravest - Tom Paxton

7. New Killer Star - David Bowie

[size=200] 8. Ludlow Street - Suzanne Vega [/size]

9. The City Sleeps In Flames - Scary Kids Scaring Kids

10. Self Evident - Ani DiFranco

11. The Evil Has Landed - Testament

12. September 11 2001 American People - Pollydore

13. You Are My Hope - Skillet

14. On That Day - Leonard Cohen

15. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) - Alan Jackson

16. 911 For Peace - Anti-Flag

17. Rules - Wu-Tang Clan

18. Skylines And Turnstiles - My Chemical Romance

19. If This Is Goodbye - Mark Knopfler

20. When The Eagle Cries - Iced Earth

21. Have You Forgotten? - Darryl Worley

22. One Last Time - Dusty Drake

23. Empty Walls - Serj Tankian

24. New New York - The Cranberries

25. America/911 - L.D. Jones

26. September 11 - Karl Marsh

27. The Rising - Bruce Springsteen

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