Is 11th dimension more "punk rock" than punk rock?

Sep 23

Is 11th dimension more "punk rock" than punk rock?

Posted by Max Fischer on

When I think of bands like Green Day it seems to me that this type of music is no longer "rebellious" as it once was when it was first created.. but then take Julian's 11th dimension.. it is full of elements of pop music AND classical music.

But IMO the way Julian uses these elements and coming from where he was as an artist -- coming from a rock and roll genre and making something like 11th dimension.. it seems so hardcore counter culture to me. I think Julian making 11th dimension in this context is incredibly hardcore and rebellious and subversive in it's own unique way.. and I think he fully realizes this.

Making a weird ass hardcore pop song with philosophical overtones seems incredibly bad ass to me.. am I alone on this?

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