is downloading killing music

Sep 23

is downloading killing music

Posted by mattymattymatty on

Lily Allen and Nme have recently claimed its killing off new bands just trying to get started .

I dont think its harmful at all for a few reasons.
1. In england figures show more and more people are going to watch live music more than ever.
2. Peoples taste in music seems to be getting broader and broader, because they can get any weird music for free and give it a chance. Instead of in the past where people would usally just buy the safer options.(this is better for new bands)
3. Why do bands have to become rich anyway????? Its ART and usally the richer bands get the worse the music becomes.
4. I think its sort of romantic in a way that our generation can get music for free and the top 10 singles has no bearing on whats popular any more which is cool.
5. People are getting music they like now based on their own opinion instead of relying on magazine reviews, hit singles and hype.

BUT I think the main way record companies could stop ilegal downloads is by releasing them asap instead of sitting on them for months. Most albums seem to leak 1 - 3 weeks before they are officially released , which is obviously a massive push for the ilegal download.

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