Julian's looks

Oct 06

Julian's looks

Posted by Nimzi on

We all know Jules is gorgeous. I can say that and still keep my masculinity intact :)
This isn't about telling how hot he is or is not.

What I've noticed during my fanatic Strokes dedication is that there is quite a lot of girls that really dig them. Perhaps a bit more than with the average rock band. Don't get me wrong. The Strokes and Jules aren't average in any way, shape or form. They are the greatest band of our time.

But perhaps did their looks come as a supplement or bonus to their awesome music.

Every where people always comment how hot they are.
So finally my question is:
Do you think their looks and especially Jules' has affected your devotion to this band?

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long, informal, wall-of-text essay time.

i heard some of their music first, before seeing what they looked like, haha. at first, i wasn't too struck by their music, but i definitely was intrigued at their original sound. i then searched and found a couple of music videos, and thought, "hey, this is a cool band, and they have a really cool attitude and i like what they write about," but i still wasn't absolutely infatuated just yet. over the years, i got bored with the other music i had been listening to and turned back to the strokes. i decided to listen to every single song i had of theirs, and that's when i realized that i loved every single song. ("hard to explain" is my favorite, and probably the only song that can actually bring me into this crazy state of euphoria. that's special.) anyway, i researched the band and found out that much of the music was influenced by the genius lead singer, and i was impressed to say the least. i kept listening; watched a couple of interviews; found myself admiring their wit and charm. (i watched this interview with julian and nick and the human serviette; although many people tend to think that julian and nick were being assholes, i grew a huge respect for them since it was obvious that they were trying to communicate what exactly they were doing.) that respect grew into an obsession. i then started having dreams about them (hahaha), which led to an obsession over julian specifically- but i like to think it's healthy. he just has an attractive mind and a very original uniqueness about him (from what i can observe) that makes him a lot different than other "modern composers" of our time. plus, being quite naturally good-looking (and spanishy) doesn't really hurt him.

also, i have a boyfriend. he's always jealous.

[quote="m shea"]What's attractive is the [b][i]mystery[/i][/b], the [b][i]intrigue[/i][/b], the[i] badass[/i], the subtle [i]profoundness[/i]. He's a curious character. It's not necessarily his bone structure or hair or eye color. It's his entire [i]aura[/i].[/quote]

Fuck, you just said what I've tried to say but had no words for it. You've said it all. I have some sort of atraction to mistery, don't know why.

I first saw the LAST NITE video and thought the whole group package was great. Looks matter. When I first heard Romeo Void's NEVER SAY NEVER, I thought, "This woman's voice is so sexy, she must be frickin' [i]hot[/i]!" I related this to a friend, and he said, "Debora Iyall is horrendous." When I saw her photo, I agreed. I still love NEVER SAY NEVER, but I'd like it more if Debora Iyall looked like Nico.

Well I first heard their music and Fell in love with it with the first 5 seeconds I had heard.Then after hearing their music for a while I finally went on youtube and saw their videos and stuff,then read all the articles about them in magazines..and Fell in Love with not just thier music but them as well..and when I first saw Julian I didnt think he was like hott but therre was something about him that made me so attractive to him..and then after reading about him and seeing the interviews did he turn hott to me.haha.Its his weird,mysterious,rock'n'roll bad ass image that made him so hott I guess..and well he makes the rest of the Strokes Hott too! haha

Honestly I think people mis-attribute looks to Julian's appeal. What's attractive is the mystery, the intrigue, the badass, the subtle profoundness. He's a curious character. It's not necessarily his bone structure or hair or eye color. It's his entire aura.

Say you didn't know who Julian was at all, had never heard his music or his name, had never seen his face before either. But you're asked to compare two faces, and choose the best looking: Julian, or Nick.

I think that, without any prior associations, on a clean slate, I'd choose Nick.

To answer the question, perhaps knowing about the members affects my "devotion" (not sure if that's the right word) to the band now, but what drew me in first was the music alone. I knew nothing of them before hearing any of the albums.

I'm a straight man.

What I found interesting about Julian wasn't his looks... it was his voice and his theatricality when performing.. after the music of course...

The interesting thing I discovered is that I was introduced to the Strokes in exactly the same way as the guy from Rough Trade who signed them and I had the exact same reaction he did... I first HEARD the Strokes on Conan and was only intrigued from hearing them causing me to watch the show.. I was doing something else at the time..

[quote]“After about 15 seconds, I agreed to release it,” Travis says. “What I heard in the Strokes was the same thing that all the writers and the general public are now hearing: the songwriting skills of a first-rate writer and music that is a distillation of primal rock ‘n’ roll mixed with the sophistication of today’s society – the primitive in the sophisticated, to paraphrase Jean Renoir. It also has an unmacho quality that embodies grace and love, and it touches me. I just felt it was the best record from a rock ‘n’ roll band out of New York City that I had heard since the C.B.G.B.’s era.”[/quote]

Form my understanding first heard the Modern Age... that was what I first heard on Conan.. and I had the same reaction after about 5 to 15 seconds.. I was like "Holy Shit".. "this is different than anything I have ever heard" a totally different level of quality...

Also.. the first time I heard the Strokes you couldn't even see Julian's face.. his hair was covering most of his face and his ands were covering th rest the way he was holding the mic.. I felt like it was pretty brilliant because it made him all the more mysterious... especially combined with this insanely good music and voice... Julian is a tease! haha

Yes, I also started listening to the songs and thought they were really good. Then I saw their videos, paricularly Reptilia and I remember thinking the lead singer had style. I was really amazed when I read he was the lead composer, and I started realizing he was the "brain" of the band. I guess in my case I like the Strokes in some way because of Julian, 'cause I know The Strokes would be nothing without him.

His looks aren't really the main thing, because I know he would still be cool even if he weren't hot...I wouldn't say the word "hot" is the most suitable word to describe Julian's awesomeness, but yeah, something like that.

[color=#FF0000]"But perhaps did their looks come as a supplement or bonus to their awesome music?"[/color]

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Actually i personally heard the music first- reminded me a little of cheap trick, a band i mostly love. Then i heard julians voice and saw videos. [b]THEN[/b] i saw them...