Julian'sOfficial site updated!

Oct 08

Julian'sOfficial site updated!

Posted by Max Fischer on

October 8th, 2009
PHRAZES FOR THE YOUNG will be released on November 2 in the UK and November 3rd in the US. To celebrate the release, Julian will play a special series of shows every Friday night in November in Los Angeles. Show details will be announced here shortly.

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[quote="Itstheotherwayaround"]Maybe the bedlam this MB used to be scared him![/quote]

again, hahaha sooo true, weve had them all up in a frenzy

[quote="KellC92"]NOOOOO Julian! porque?!!?!?![/quote]

hahah, fuckin classic

No message board at Julian's site. Maybe the bedlam this MB used to be scared him!

Now we know what it's like being one of the guys -- Fab, Albert, Nick, Nikolai... I get the feeling they waited around A LOT for Julian. But everyone needs to realize that's the price you pay for genius. :D

NOOOOO Julian! porque?!!?!?!
ughh whatever I guess the plus side is that the shows in LA will be on Fridays instead of wed.