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Hahaha he knows the songs way too well to actually hate them. That's a lot of effort. But I mean someone's got to challenge it, it's not interesting anymore if everyone agrees that the Strokes are "saviors of rock and roll" or whatever. You know they say that about every emerging band, anyway. They said it about Green Day and well....we all know how ridiculous that is.

The bloke is a complete retard , he looks pretty old and probably cant except The 00s has pissed all over the 90s . The Strokes changed music for the better even if you didnt like them , they made music exciting again and showed that there are more bands to be inspired by than the fuckin beatles. He seems to have a problem with the fact they made indie fashonable again, Rock and roll was fashionable in the 60s and 70s and it looked amazing looking back in those times. I was about 16 when IS this It came out , and I remember the indie scene circa 00 in England . Nobody went to watch bands really , every1 dressed like their grandad listening to acoustic anthems by coldplay and there was pretty much zero girls there. It was well boring.

I love it when people say something sucks and then offer nothing better... so who is better than the Strokes?? I would love to hear what this guy thinks is good music.. it's probably a fucking laugh riot.


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