Julian's demise...

Oct 27

Julian's demise...

Posted by Corybaby28 on

[b]we are going to be julian's demise[/b]

seriouslly WTF is wrong with you people? Stop downlading phrazes for free you fuck heads.

You like an artist so much that you come on this message board to share you're thoughts about hm.. Yet you still insist on pirating his music and stealing from. Juilan even said that this album his a huge risk for him and that he could run out of money !!

Stop being little Jewish cunts and stop dowloading that shit.. And if you have t be such a piece of shit that you dowloading an artist's music, whom you supposedly support, for free; then at least have the fucking decencey to stop posting the god damn link for even more fuck heads to pirate. I mean seriously the moderators already took that shit off for a reason you Assholes. You act like 3 year olds steAling candy from an old man, who makes a living off that candy, and can't do anthing to stop you cuz he's just too damn old!! You guys are impatient, selfish, and arrogant dicks who aren't even worthy to hear the music they seal, and I'm sure most of you will say: "oh, but I'm still going to buy rhe album" ... Bullshit, and evn if yo do, you're guilty by association, espeacially if you're ne of those pricks that has reposted the link, then you're just spreading the virus. People like this should just get off the message board because they are not true fans.

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oh, but I'm still going to buy rhe album

Yeah, I'm going to buy it. Never wasn't going to (gotta love the double negatives). But how can I deny listening two weeks early? Anyway, I have to have physical copies of my music. And I like the liner notes and album artwork and stuff.

But I get it, you're very proud.

No one else see's the irony of promoting the use of piracy on julian's music on this website.. Of all websites

i listen to music for free over the internet and decide whether itsworth buying or not

Plus there is no need to insult anyone :roll:
don't you download music?

Besides I am like a representative of him (excuse my lack of english knowledge) in my town and most of the people I talk to in my country... I'm making everyone know who he is so I think that's more important than buying a freaking cd, which BTW I will when it's possible for me to do so...
Why stressing about people posting it over the internet? [b]All music is on the internet nowadays for free!![/b] and you can't stop that... I see your point though, but it's not such a world catastrophe...

99.9% of the time I will purchase whatever I have pirated. This way, I can save $15 on purchasing a piece of shit. In Julian's case, his CD is great, and I will purchase it.

Piratery or whatever you call it over there is inevitable these days, plus it's very possitive that people are listening to his music for free because this way it can reach people all over the world like myself, as I can't afford to buy it right now... I am a true fan, that's why I couldn't wait to hear his voice again and downloaded the whole thing and have been listening to it for the last three days!
Besides, if I were him I'd prefer more people listening to my album than just a few... It's not all about the money you know?

I gave Julain 90 bucks for some pictures I could probably download on the internet and a record and I don't even have a record player.. don't tell me I don't support my brotha! :lol:

Seriously though.. anyone that listened to it without paying should at LEAST buy the cd for yourself.. and if you LIKED it a lot buys some for your friends who don't know Julian on top of your own copy.. this way we support the artists that matter and help them prosper dramatically and let the crap ones tank even faster..

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