Albert Hammond Jr. Produced new Album!

Oct 27

Albert Hammond Jr. Produced new Album!

Posted by Isthisitroomonfire on

Albert produced a new band's record. I read it here.

It says he produced five songs, but they have two songs from their record on their myspace. I'm not sure if Albert produced those two though.The band is called The Postelles. Sounds cool, happy he is still working on good music.

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I couldnt agree more. I think the room on fire sound is best as is is this it. But the Postelles (albert producing) is classic sounding-which is nice at least.

I would much rather the new Album lean towards albert's solo shit that julesies, who's with me?

Though of course I prefer the classic Room on Fire sound, but i'm pretty sure thats long gone :(

[color=#804080][size=200]yes,i know, atleast we have Julians album and all the shit gossip...[/size][/color]

Hopefully soon- at least we have little things to get into until than

[color=#800080][size=200]BIG FUCKING DEAL !! WEN THE FUCK IS HE GONNA GET BACK AROUND TO DOING STROKES WORK!?!?!?![/size][/color]

I loooove the Postelles. I'm glad other Strokes-fans have heard of 'em, because obviously they're within our taste, I would say.

Yeah, the songs are good. Cool that Albert produced them.
Hopefully soon the Strokes will start working together.

Sweet I like them aot!The songs on their Myspace are really good.Thats good for Albert!

Now what I don't understand is how they have time to do all these extra things but they can't get in the fuckin studio together and make the 4th album happen!ughhhh!Im furious!whatever! :x

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