PARODY: Julian's tour to be cancelled?

Oct 29

PARODY: Julian's tour to be cancelled?

Posted by Max Fischer on

Heavy sarcasm - Parody ---

People are claiming that Julian's new bandmates -- The Sick Six -- want more control of the music.. they felt that the performance on Conan was not up to their standards and they want more creative control of the band and they want to make their own solo CDs so there may not be time for Julian's tour. :lol:

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If you really THINK about it.. it's hilarious.. but that wasn't really what I was going for.. I was trying to make a point.. how absurd the "solo Strokes" movement is.. other than Julian of course.

It's actually kinda funny guys, c'mon

:oops: i also yell at my brother and friends this way... i should mind my own business... Have a nice weekend. sorry, i pee in my pants wen i get nervous.

What;s wrong is that groupies are sycophants that praise people no matter what the fuck they do.. whether it's gossip girl.. or spooky fucking couch.. even at the expense of the Strokes..


The problem isn't the joke.. the problem is that you are a groupie.. that is why you are so bitter and sensitive. Sorry.

I got it.

But it was in bad taste. And stupid.

You obviously didn't get it then.. I'm not surprised..

[quote="Max Fischer"]Creativity and wit: nimrods don't recognize it when they see it[/quote]

not creative, not witty

try again

Creativity and wit: nimrods don't recognize it when they see it

FUNNY: ur doin it wrong

Breaking news --

Julian's new drummer is dating Kate Moss, co-starring on the next episode of Gossip Girl and will by writing and directing his own film. He;s also producing 3 new bands albums and buying several hundred acres of farmland in Bolivia...