Max = Julian's PR

Oct 29

Max = Julian's PR

Posted by Gac on

You are clearly part of the PR machine for Julian, or Julian himself.

Aren't you tired of lauding yourself or your employer with praise? Is it because his sub-par album wont do well without all this hyperbole and degrading of the other members in the band? Or maybe this is just an anonymous outlet for your own frustration?

Don't you think honesty is lacking enough today? Are you contributing genuineness and the uplifting of the music industry with negativity and disregard towards others with talent and ambition?

One way or another, it's a bad reflection of everything that is going on today. Music today is utter crap, and snobs like you with very little self-awareness and humility are not helping it get better.

As an aside, Julian Casablancas' album is really not an example of his own talent, merely a mish-mash of ideas by other, far more talented, far more imaginative people. Even his "interview video" intro was ripped off from Michael Jackson's intro for Moonwalker, down to the sound effect. Knowing how to steal cool things and mix them together doesn't make you a legendary musican, it makes you a good DJ. Acknowledging and working with your peers to make the music industry a better place for EVERYONE is what makes true history.

Before you try to flame me, I don't give a flying jamestown fuck what you say and likely wont respond. I am merely tired of seeing such transparent, weak promotion and/or smear attempts on fellow bandmates, from what used to be one of the most promising acts of the new millenium.

Good luck on your chosen path to creativity depraved global anonymity, and an uneventful married life with children.

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