I've really gotten under their skin this time

Oct 29

I've really gotten under their skin this time

Posted by Max Fischer on

Team defect is riled up like an angry retarded teenie bopping hornets nest.. I wonder what did it exactly?

Oh.. wait.. I know what it was.. seeing how good Julian was on Conan without the Strokette's has pushed them over the edge..

they finally realize how deluded they really were.. and it's killing them.

And so they feel they need to take it out on me for being right and telling them that forever... sorry kids.. remember when I said being a genius is a curse.. THIS is why.. the plebs can't stand being wrong all the time..

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Albert's stuff is better than Julian only if you like BORING music... some people are afraid of innovation...

sorry maxy boy, but alberts solo work is alot better than julian's.

Watever... hurry the fuck up!

Julian and the Sick Six were about a trillion times better than the Strokes in their infancy...


julian's conan performance < strokes' conan performance.

Only if you are Strokes groupie would you think that.. all Albert did was cover the Strokes..

The Strok[i]ettes[/i]? Albert's first solo album was a hell of a lot better than Julian's is.

The best part is that this crew -- the Sick Six -- is just getting started.. I bet Julian has this new crew whipped into shape before you know it. Remember how bad the rest of the Strokes looked early on?

JP Bowerstock will have the other guitarist out jamming Nick Valensi in a couple months.. and the new drummer is already out-Fabbing Fab... Albert was no problem replacing.. all he did was raid his dad's closet for vintage clothes..

haha Yep.. I nailed it again.

Damn I'm good. It's truly like I am clairvoyant.

are you done yet, with your delusional little rants

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