Is this the last of The Strokes?

Oct 30

Is this the last of The Strokes?

Posted by stuntman_sergio on

Well, it seems like the strokes are going to be done probaly by next year
there not the same guys anymore
-Julian is a complete sell out
(CONVERSE commericals with Pharell, a song with The Lonely Island from SNL, his solo album)
which completly is being advertise in like every major music site
-Albert is acting emo
and being depressesd over some bitch that is not even that great
he had to check into rehab. for all of you that dont know is Agyness Deynn.
and he appeared on the show Gossip Girl.
which is beyond gay, i'd rather suck the sweat out of a dead goats balls
than go on that show.
-Nick is a DJ now?
there's pictures of him surfacing on the net with turn tables.
what the fuck happened to him?
i used to think he was the only cool stroke by not going solo like everyone else
but this is equally gay to the other members
-Nikolai his solo album
sucks so much ass, it's not even decent, he should stick to making sick ass bass lines for the Strokes
and he has a Tweeter, wtf!
-Fab his solo band "Little Joy"
has decent music but it attracts to much HIPSTERS
i hate them. Devendra Banhart lovers
fuck that shit.

Most of them don't even live in New York anymore
they live in gay ass Los Angeles.

There good and done for.
If they do come out with an 4th album
It's going to sound like complete SHIT

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Everything you said is correct. Read my recent posts (ignore the Max responses) regarding The Strokes and JC if you get a chance. They are merely proving that the only thing that kept them genuine was working with underground producer Gordon Raphael and playing no-nonsense rock and roll.

It balanced their privileged upbringing and reflected their hometowns roots. They are now trying WAY too hard to be different and it's not their forte. Not only that, but Julian Casablancas proves his disregard for ethics and is blatantly ripping off young, unknown indie artists and not giving any credit. That's part of why I'm here. To kill the mythology and plant the seeds of doubt.

What happened? They lost sight of their true identity, but I bet that's easy to do when you're born with access to an infinite amount of resources, wealth, and celebrity connections. I used to ignore that and defend them, but now I'll let the vultures have them because they're proving them all right.

Kudos to Albert though for producing and working with young bands. This is what you SHOULD do with your wealth and success-- share it, and uplift others around you, cultivating and improving the state of your industry. (Gossip Girls was still a bad idea though.)

just saying the truth

:D love you! thank you. zip!