new interview?

Oct 30

new interview?

Posted by LightningBlueEyes on

IDk if this is a new interview with julian..cus a lot of the stuff i hadn't read before but a lot of the stuff i have read from other interviews.well heres the link.


he says he was Completely sober while making music including ROF! so for all of those annoying stupid people who keep saying his music was better when he wasn't sober ur WRONG! hahahaha.
it also seems like he was ready to get back with the Strokes and start working with the 4th album but they other guys still wanted to do their own things which is why he decided to do the same.
and its sooooooo sad what he says about the Strokes at the end.

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I like this interview alot , I sort of got the impression he still wants to make the strokes work , which i sort of doubted before. Nice to hear him talking about Zidane to, its a shame they werent at bonos house on the same nite. Imagine turning up to a party and JC and Zidane are both there, Id Die!!!!!

A good example of this is to compare that interview Julian did with that danish guy way back in the IsThisIt days.. and then compare it to the interview he did on his site for Phrazes.. that is the difference between Jules in the drinking era and Jules now IMO.

He said he drank at night when recording his music though.. I don't think it's so much that Jules is better drunk.. I just think he is more depressed when not drinking which hurts the music.. even in Phrazes.. which I think is genius.. it lacks the Euphoria of IsThisIt.. when he isn't drinking he seems more serious.. somber.. in FIOE too..