So Julian's expecting a daugher?

Nov 02

So Julian's expecting a daugher?

Posted by stuntman_sergio on

On a recent article
said that Julian will be expecting a daughter early next year
with wife juliet joslin
He also said that the band well get back together after his european tour for Phrazes
and hammer out the long awaited 4th album
well heres a pic

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Aww jeez. I wish I could be Julian's daughter. He would be so amazing!

Yeah we're gonna go on tour shortly after the birth of my first born.
either bolognia or sad.....

I'm goping lesbo! lololol

Juliet and julian do we get to see her? She is probably going to b beeeeeeeautiful!!!!!!!!!1

HA HA! julian! girls are so much more difficult! youre gonna have to b a super cautious daddy. but congratulations to you both! MUAH!

Dang yeah what was this article in? For some reason I haven't been able to access the message board the past few days. Anyway I think a daughter would be perfect for Julian for some reason. He seems like he'll be a good dad. So actually the gender doesn't really matter. And after the European tour? Does that mean he won't be going anywhere else in the U.S. other than L.A.? (And that one show in San Francisco, yeah I know).

yeah i'll try

can you scan the article? Anymore pics? That's a sweet pic.

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