The Strokes broken up?

Nov 02

The Strokes broken up?

Posted by stuntman_sergio on

What would you guys do say?
Say you're laying in bed in the morning
and you turn on the morning news and it says
"In the music world, NYC band The Strokes has split up"
how would you guys react to that?
would that be the end of music for you guys or what?

show your responses
lets see how true strokes fans we are

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I would actually be happy now.. I think the guys are just tired of each other.. they have been through so much together.

Before Julian's solo record I think I would have been really pissed and bitter But Julian's solo record shows me that he will be better than he ever was with the Strokes.. he should have never been compromising before. He's too talented..

I actually blame the world for tearing the Strokes apart.. it's like people's taste is so bad now days.. and people hate someone that is really talented. If the Strokes are broken up it is the world's fault not theirs IMO.

but how would you react?

Sorry man.. I misread your post.. I was just jokin around.

i never said they did
read before you say anything

Actually.. it wouldn't surprise me if they broke up

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