Julian's career following Bjork's?

Nov 02

Julian's career following Bjork's?

Posted by Max Fischer on

For some reason Julian and Bjork seem very similar to me. I think both are prodigies that have amazing voices.. and both started punk bands first.. Bjork started the Sugarcubes then she had electronic solo albums. Bjork's punk band was also very cerebral like the Strokes. When listening to Julian's solo album it is uncanny to me how similar their tastes are. They both have incredibly diverse songs.

Edit: Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention.. Bjork started out studying classical music. So did Julian.

So both Julian and Bjork had the exact same path..

-Both studied classical music composition when young
-Both started punk bands first - cerebral punk bands
-both had electronic solo careers with incredibly diverse pop songs - Bjork also said the same kinds of things about trying to raise the level of people's tastes in music with pop songs.

Both also seem to be focused on many of the same issues too.. global issues. Both have an all encompassing view of history -- not prisoners of the moment -- musically or culturally.


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case closed.. you just made it for me..

They make sweet tropicalia infused pop songs. What's not to like?

HOW ARE they creative.. you kind of ignored that.. LOL

How are Little Joy uncreative?

Actually, never mind. I don't wanna hear it all again.

Same difference.. Little Joy.. Albert's band.. it's the same lack of creativity and originality..

I don't think I prefer Albert's music to Julians. I'd say his first album is on a par with this.

Little Joy is better than both.

I know.. how could I not.. you are spouting your BS here so much it's kind of hard not to notice your whacked out fandom.. I have noticed there are a LOT of strokes fans like you.. people that like Julian because they think he is something he isn't.. they like him and the Strokes for all the wrong reasons.. which is why they prefer ALbert's music to Julian's they are people that have no vision.. they are afraid f thinking for themselves..

You know me so well!

Because they played classic rock.. Julian took old music and put an inventive spin on it.. a lot like what he is doing in Phrazes.. but people didn't get it.. I did.. I liked it for it's uniqueness and inventiveness.. you liked it BECAUSE of it's derivative qualities.. not IN SPITE of them.. You wish they would just remake all old songs like Albert does.. predictable.. safe.. no creativity.. that's too scary..

Yeah, I like Bjorks politics. I don't even listen to the music. Fuck that shit man, I want her thoughts on American foreign policy!

For what reasons do I like the Strokes?

Exactly.. you are illustrating my point for me.. I don't agree with Bjork's politics either.. but Bjork has something you don't.. incredible talent.. but I doubt you even care aobut here talent.. what you probably like about her is her politics and pretentiousness.. you like her for all the wrong reasons.. just like you liked the Strokes for all the wrong reasons..

Right, it perfectly explains everything.

Nobody's in the shit more than Iceland, interestingly, which brings us back on topic (relatively speaking).

Because Ireland is in the shit financially much more than the UK.... it would perfectly explain the economic state and your mental state...

[quote="Max Fischer"]in fact Ireland is likely even more socialistic than the rest of the UK[/quote]

Where does this little nugget come from?

And the point I'm trying to stress is that it's political, not geographical.

I don't give a shit about the Uk and Ireland's geographical history.. that has nothing to do with the point of my comment.. in fact Ireland is likely even more socialistic than the rest of the UK... But yeah.. I would try to change the subject if I was you too..

Maybe you should read a little about Ireland's history, particularly the first 25 years of the last century. You'll see that insinuating Ireland is in the UK, even mistakenly, is an [i]issue[/i].

[quote="knowing you"]It works both ways baby.[/quote]

In your dreams.. I am NOT in your threads looking for attention.. YOU called me.. because you are my bitch.. you want my attention.. I just like rubbing your nose in it..

[quote]That's like calling the Palestine situation petty.[/quote]

That's an issue.. NOT geography.. once again you fail...

It works both ways baby.

Just you posting here and arguing with me shows how much I won you.. it's like an ex girlfriend calling you to argue with you when you are long broke up.. LOL

You are obsessed with me...

That's like calling the Palestine situation petty.

Yeah.. like anyone gives a shit about your petty geographical bullshit.. LOL

It's not my fault that you don't know your geography.

Oh for fucks sake.. LOL

God you are a doosh...

right, Ireland isn't in the UK.

I thought you lived in Ireland or some shit?

I'm not from the UK.

You are jealous of me.. because my qualities highlight how dull your are.. fuck man.. I have never met someone that is more of a Ayn Rand antagonist than yourself.. I wonder if it is a UK thing? Is there a heavy socialist slant in the UK.. do you all have the urge to drag everyone down to the same level? Is that why you oversell Albert so much and undersell Jules so much?

How is this related to jealousy?

For the record I quite like Julian's album. But, y'know, I don't wanna fuck it.

Fuck.. bite your tongue bitch.. pray Julian doesn't go the way of Bjork with Medulla.. That's when Bjork jumped the shark..

And once again you show your petty jealous self by not recognizing the similarities between Jules and Bjork.. you are obviously just bitter that ONCE AGAIN.. you didn't recognize it and I did.. your jealousy is fucking incredibly comical..

When Julian makes 5 classics in a row, each of which completely different from the last one stylistically, then you might have a point. When Julian makes a wildly experimental albums focused solely on vocals (Medulla), then you might have a point. When Julian has one of the greatest runs of solo albums ever (Post -> Homogenic -> Vespertine), then you might have a point. When Julian makes a solo album that is in any way 'great' rather than being just 'good', then you might have a point.

But for now this is, as is your wont, crazy talk.

Another similarity I realized is that both Bjork and Julian were embraced heavily in the UK... much more so than in the US I think.

Both are also of Scandinavian origin..

But how do you really feel... Your little reindeer games aren't going to make me leave ZEALOT. So keep trying till you are old and grey.. the more you harass me the more I will post here., Tika.

Shut up, shitsucker. You're obviously a deluded sycophant/potential stalker, and no one values your opinion in the slightest. Take an internet exodus for a little while and reevaluate, because right now you're a disgrace to The Strokes, Julian, Wes Anderson, your parents, and the planet.

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