Why the Strokettes went rogue

Nov 02

Why the Strokettes went rogue

Posted by Max Fischer on

This is from a recent article...

[quote]In the studio, the singer relished the opportunity to call all the creative shots, which reminded him of the Strokes' early days. "I used to do everything," he says. "I mean, I try not to be a total dictator monster, but I was writing pretty much all the bass lines and drum beats and guitar solos."

Does he think fans knew that about the band?

"No, and that's the funny thing," he says. "I was always fighting to create this image of the five-piece gang. I always liked that vibe. But as things got on, relationships got weird, so I just tried to back off. I was more like, 'OK, let's all work together and fulfill the illusion or whatever.' "[/quote]

I wonder if that illusion that they were all equal creators of the Strokes made the Strokette's so eager to do their own thing... because think about it. If everyone was under the impresison they were all responsible for the music.. then when the music was criticized they all felt like they were taking the heat for it and maybe did to a certain degree.. so this representation that they were all responsible for the music may have made them so critical of the music. It turned them into monsters in a way..

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I agree with you, Timingiseverything. There is a lot of stuff going on that we are not aware of. What I amazed about its that other members of the band haven't dished any dirt. Maybe we can expect that to start happening soon.. I don't know. But it's going to be interesting if the band starts dividing and Strokes fans start dividing. It will probably turn into a political campaign where each side is trying to smear the other. It probably would have started happening more if the Strokes were more popular -- mainstream.

Hello everyone (first post here but I was on the strokes forum since Room on Fire's time, lost my password ... anyway)

I think theses quotes are pretty interesting, and another one too :
[quote]"Whatever," he says, dismissing such uncertainty. "It can still happen, I think. I hope."[/quote]

These quotes shows how Julian at the same time try to exorcise problems with the band but in fact, he is probably taking down all the other members, talking about "Illusion" and how they would never have reached success without him. It's like he wants to finally speak the truth and at the same time he takes the risk to piss off the rest of the band, cause it's like saying "Hey they're cool, good friends and musicians and all but I did 99% of the job on almost every track". That might be wrongly interpreted, as if he could use other puppets. It's the same when in other interviews he underlines that with the Strokes he can't do all he wants to do, he is kinda limited. He could say his solo album is a one-time experience, that it's a way to taste a new/different approach of music (which is the truths) but instead he says, even if he tries to put it in a good way, that he feels finally free from the "Strokes system" which he probably finds annoying after 3 albums.
With the participations of others in composition/songwriting in First impressions of earth, you can see there's some pressure from other members, on one side they wanna write songs, on the other side they're more and more difficult to please (In the same interview he says he talked about "Ludlow street" to his band mates and they were not interested).

Seems like in each interviews he makes since the start of promotion of Phrazes for the young, he is less and less sure of the future of the Strokes, and tryin to talk about it, he's diggin their grave ...

Don't mizunderstand, I don't want the end of the Strokes, but now that rumors become truth confirmed by Jules, we're comin very close to the split ...

Albert is just making Strokes songs and tailoring them for critics.. I think fans let him get away with it because of what Julian is saying.. the fact people want to believe they were all part of creating the Strokes.

It's from the "L.A Times" article I posted earlier (why not say the source?). Scroll down (or up, depending on where it shifted to when you read this), people, if you want to read the whole thing.

Anyway, the quality of Albert's first album belies that he was just Julian's puppet.

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