Nikolai Update

Nov 02

Nikolai Update

Posted by syzygy on

I don't know if any of you followed Nikolai's marathon updates on Twitter, but now that he's finished, he tweeted this like half an hour ago:

"Thanks everyone! This site will now be used for Nickel Eye and Strokes updates. Hope all is well. I'll be taking a few days to recover..."

Anyway, hopefully this will be a more consistent source of insider info. Follow him on Twitter @NickelEyeBand

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[quote="syzygy"]Yeah, fuck all those kids he raised money for![/quote]


Well I doubt there's anything he can do about it. Obviously they're still waiting on Albert. Maybe Jules, too.

YAY! he said for STROKE updates!
Finally! hopefully this will be a reliable source.Im tired of all the BS!

p.s.and let the poor man rest.He did it for a good cause!lol.

Yeah! who the fuck does he think he is? He should be busting his ass up in a recording studio with all the other strokers. By the time he's done he should be bleeding from his nails from all the bass slapping and picking he MUST be doing. That Nikolai!

Hehe i laughed.

Yeah, fuck all those kids he raised money for!

[i]finished??[/i] He shouldnt be taking days to rest, he should be working on the new strokes album, this album is never gonna come out, thnx a lot jules