TOP 8 of Phrazes for the young

Nov 02

TOP 8 of Phrazes for the young

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Hey guys let's stop speaking about strokes split up and negative things, the geek I am have listened to Jules albums about 60 times for now (yeah when it leaked and since this afternoon on cd cause I respect too much his work).

Anyway I think most of you have already listened to it many times, and this thread is juste the occasion to make a top 8 (yeah in fact the entire tracklist) of Phrazes for the young, to show your favorite tracks, and maybe talk about it, what you feel/see when you listen to this one or that one.

Hope it will not be an empty topic, MUSIC GEEKS come here !

1/ River of brakelights
Probably the sickest track Jules have written in his career, everytime it starts it gets me weirdly head banging, and when it comes to the lyrical chorus, it feels so intense and heroic, makes me crazy. Love the weird part of video-game breakdown in the middle too. This song is like a Klaxons beat (I don't like the klaxons though) mixed with shoot em up melodies on acid, with THE VOICE on it (cause his singing is so badass on this track).

2/ Tourist
I love the slow tempo of it, like you're walking down the street when the sun fades, in a city you don't know nothin about, and the magic of the track is when horns (I don't know, trumpets ? not so good in english vocabulary in fact) come at the end, makes it so beautiful. Not to mention the lyrics "soon I will simply evaporate", fuckin beauty.

3/ 4 chords of the apocalypse
All starts with this soul-song intro, like Jules is alone in front of the organ, with the lights in blue (you can see the keyboards on the front cover of the album and other visuals), and then he takes you on a ride, slowly floating like in "15 minutes" (the melody is partly the same in fact). Its maybe the first time I hear him making "vibes" (or sort of), like he's kind of crooner, classy ... And then this guitar comin at the chorus and him gettin more and more rough at each chorus, and the last minute is pretty amazing, full of rage "NOW WAR AINT OVEEERRR" everytime makes me wanna scream it too, absolutely strong.

4/ Glass
Never thought it would come to me as strong as I feel it now, cause this song is all about atmosphere. Starts with some RnB beats to make you fly above the city on the chorus, and jules singin high pitched, amazingly, he strikes again ...

5/ Ludlow Street
So thats the one the Strokes didn't want to play. In fact it's probably better, cause it would have too much guitars and here it's all about folk-country music, with this banjo solo, really cool.

6/ Left and Right in the dark
Amazing tune, one more ... Love how he sings like in ragga music at the end, and when the sound fade out and fade in at the end, like "WAKE UP" illustration :)

7/ 11th dimension
Maybe I heard it so much time before the album release, I still love it but I know it so well ... The chorus is fuckin catchy and I love the "All the dreamers on the run" part.

8/ Out of the blue
Its maybe the most classic track here, not that it's not really good, It's fuckin good but not as ambitious as the other ones, anyway when you start an album singin "Somewhere along the way my hopefulness turned to sadness", you got some style, and you recognize Jules songwriting in 2 sec.

Your turn (I hope ...)

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Right now my favorite is 4 Chords. After that it's a combination of Glass/Ludlow/Tourist/Out of the Blue haha. But I love them all. Like Max though, I'm still absorbing it. Can't wait to pick up my physical copy tomorrow!

I would like to contribute but I don't feel I am ready to discuss the songs yet. I am still absorbing the album. Enjoy you interpretations and impressions though.

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