Hello - new here!

Nov 02

Hello - new here!

Posted by TryingHerLuck on

Hello everyone. OMG I was so frustrated trying to get on here for several days. I just wanted to introduce myself and I'm super excited to get to know everyone here. I am 15 and from Washington state, Seattle. I live in a stupid little town and have never gotten a chance to see the Strokes and I am sure Julian won't come here either. My favorite musicians -

Julian Casablancas
The Strokes of Course - they saved my life
Albert Hammond
Fab- Little Joy
Miley Cyrus
My Chemical Romance
The Killers
Avril Lavigne
Blink 182
Green day

I'm a vampire. Rawr. Gerard Way is my idol. Seriously, nobody can understand how much I respect him. He's my second favorite person on the entire planet. Music is my EVERYTHING. I value it more than oxygen. Animals are our friends, NOT food. (I'm a vegetarian). I'm also Buddhist. Let's see, I love anime, especially Death Note. (L fangirl right here, baby.) I'm currently learning how to speak German, and I love the Twilight books. (cringing at the clicheness) But I liked 'em before it was cool. ;)
Julian Casablancas is.......I don't know. There are no words to describe his complete amazingness. I mean, he's Julian Freakin Casablancas.

Height: 5'3
b-day: May 16
Religion: Buddhist
fav color: Red
fav food: Tofu
fav candy: Chocolate
sex: Female

Also, does anyone have any videos of Julian on the Conan show?

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[quote="TryingHerLuck"]I love the Twilight books. (cringing at the clicheness) But I liked 'em before it was [i]cool[/i]. ;)[/quote]

You mean mainstream.

it weird how u say all that information about yourself, but dont even mention your name... what's your name?

I personally don't think this is genuine, and I think you are max fischer... so what's your name?

no girl would ever write;

sex: female .... max fischer would


You're a vampire? ... I don't know what to think about that.

you like anime? have you ever watched fma?

haha my birthday: May 15

You should have stopped after Little Joy hah. But welcome!

Actually your taste in animé is pretty cool. Still, you're odd.

You're a strange little girl, you know that?

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