Thing Max Fisher Is Right About....

Nov 02

Thing Max Fisher Is Right About....

Posted by coxcommunicationz on

I haven't been on here in a while, (the board was shut down?) but I'm loving Max Fisher's responses about his declared genius (if you don't know what I'm talking about, read any thread in here, or at least read the thread about Tarantino). They're fuckin great. Anyway, since Max is ALWAYS right, and he just has a knack or this and a gift for this, and that's just the way he's wired and all that, I thought it would be fun to talk about all of the things he has ended up being right about, since according to him, he has never been wrong on any speculation, no matter how fucking retarded it may be. And that because he's annoying as shit, and we lash out at him, he claims we're either jealous or that we love Albert Hammond, or something else that really makes no real sense on any level. (On a side note, who would win in an argument between Max and Christ? Just for debate's sake?)
I'll the start the list, with the most obvious one:
1. Max was right about "Phrazes for the Young" being about, or at least an ode to 9/11. Right? Right? He was RIGHT? OH WAIT!!! NO HE WASN'T!!!
You could make a better argument that Phrazes was about the election of Judge Sotomayer than 9/11...but even then, Max will still claim he was right.
Anyone have any other good predictions/statements/arguments that Max was dead on about? You know, cause he's always right?

P.S. Max, don't respond to this with your usual bull shit. We've all heard the hater/jealous/ team whateverthefuck 10,000 times. No one is jealous of you, no one thinks anything other than you're a bit disillusioned (and not in a cool way) and that you're a big fan of the strokes. So if you are going to respond to this, please at least make it original and maybe half way interesting. Don't just spout bullshit with no evidence to back up anything you're saying (i.e. that you've been "proven" to be "right" and that you're a misunderstood genius or whatever). Anyone who reads your posts (i.e. writing style, argumentation, logic, etc.) can see pretty well and clear that you ain't no genius. And finally, to really make my point clear, can you name me one "genius" that ever decalred their genius without never having done anything (i.e. create something of worth?) If anything, most "genius's" I know of are for the most part self-doubting and about as far away from pretentiousness as it gets...
Anyway...I can now see how and why Knowing You doesn't post here anymore...and he actually had a real head on his shoulders, even though I didn't agree with a lot of what he wrote. And maybe that's something you should learn and learn fast...just because you don't agree with someone, doesn't mean they're wrong and you're right--it doesn't mean anyone is wrong or right...very rarely is anything so absolute as "wrong" or "right".....

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Well Cox, a LOT of bands were doing what The Strokes were doing all throughout the 90's. The whole concept of the band was to steal from these indie bands and then make it "popular". Julian has admitted to that himself. He is still doing it now.

Of course, pointing fingers at Phoenix for stealing ANYTHING from them makes you a moron, but hey, a deluded, company man like Max is being paid to say these things, so that should be explanation enough for his insanity.

This is how the rich fight amongst themselves. With indirect slanders and pettiness.

9-11? Bwot?!

Sorry. Ima stay out of this. :D

2. That Phoenix is ripping off the Strokes when Phoenix released an album BEFORE the Strokes...(and their lead singer sang exactly the same way then, as he does now). GENIUS AT WORK!!! HE'S RIGHT AGAIN!!!!