Julian B-sides!

Nov 03

Julian B-sides!

Posted by LightningBlueEyes on

are out in the UK Itunes.
Old Hollywood
30 Minute Boyfriend
I Wish It Was Christmas Today

I havn't heard them yet tho

has anyone else heard them?!?!or know if they will be put in the US itunes by any chance?!

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I just heard 30 Minute Boyfriend, and it sounds like a perfect combination of the Hot Fuss Killers, Joy Division, and maybe some Muse sprinkled in for good measure. Not a fan of Old Hollywood though.

OMG They're fucking AWESOM! why were they not put on the album!
I hope he sings these live! and are these the b-sides that are supposed to be on the deluxe addition?!
omg Im gonna go buy them now!

AHHHHHH. I just bought a physical copy of the album, can I just buy the b-sides on itunes? If not no big deal, I've had an itunes giftcard for months. I hate buying stuff over itunes, but obviously this is an exception.

The B-sides are unbelievable. You gotta buy them and yes they are available in the US itunes.

Just bought the album on the US iTunes store. The B-Sides are on and they're great.

"Old Hollywood" is really haunting.

I'm in the US as well. If they don't put them in the US store, you can just start a second iTunes account in the UK store. That's what I'll do at least...