Physical Copy of Phrazes

Nov 03

Physical Copy of Phrazes

Posted by m shea on

I got mine today. One thing I noticed was that Fab and Nick contributed to 4 Chords. I love the album artwork and the little phrazes listed that correspond with each song.

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haha I hate that phrase! Sell out! ugh its soo annoying!
and the Christmas song is sick! Its on itunes

[url][/url] :roll:

[url][/url] :shock:

[quote="m shea"] One thing I noticed was that Fab and Nick contributed to 4 Chords.[/quote]
Must be why it's the only good song on the album. When I first heard "4 Chords" I thought, "Julian is doing Otis Redding." And then two rock critics I read said the same thing. Hard to go wrong channeling Otis Redding with Nick and Fab helping.


Is it a joke? Even better. My stupid itunes gift card didn't work so I can no longer acquire the b-sides. dang.

Guys,, the Christmas song he is covering is a joke.. it's like Julian doing that Boombox song for the SNL guys. but from what I heard it's almost as if Julian is doing the Christmas song in a serious way as even more of a joke.. hahah It's brilliant..

And besides.. "selling out" is the "new" "not selling out"...

Not selling out is so hipster... and faux rebel...

I can see how some people think that Julian's a sellout because of 11th Dimension or his Converse commercial, but I don't at all see how doing a Christmas song is selling out. I bet it won't get any attention, everyone covers a Christmas song at some point, it's not like it's going to be exhausted on mainstream radio. Personally I'm excited, it should highlight his vocals. Plus, if I were a singer I'd at some point want to record Christmas songs just because it's fun. They're fun. whatever hahah.

[quote="m shea"]Oh and Julian is releasing a Christmas single.[/quote]


Oh and Julian is releasing a Christmas single. . I'm never sure if someone has already posted this stuff, especially now that spam has taken over the board.

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