Team Defect is a Cult

Nov 03

Team Defect is a Cult

Posted by Max Fischer on

And they won't run me out of here... and I aint joinin...



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I used to always call my brothers that when we were fighting.. haha That's one of my brothers favorite movies. :lol:

woah...! i remember that now! i saw that a long freaking time ago though.

Team Defect is what Jack Nicholson's character called the nuts on his ward in the movie [b]One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest[/b]..

max where did you come up with the name "team defect?"

OMG will you please stop with the team defect its more annoying than the spam!

Ayn Rand followers are a cult. Read about Randroids for yourself:
(article in the new GQ Magazine)