Symmetry, the Sick Six and the playlist

Nov 04

Symmetry, the Sick Six and the playlist

Posted by Max Fischer on

In another thread I pointed out the symmetry of the band -- the Sick Six

If you look at the band in the Tonight Show video where Jules played 11th Dimension you see the band divided and perfectly symmetrical...

2 guitars
2 organ stations
2 drumkits

the only thing there not in twos is the singer.. but if you think about it in Julian's songs.. especially 11th dimension it's as if Julian is having a conversation with himself.. so there are really two singers as well.. especially because Julian uses a weird voice effect in part of the song..

another symmetry tie in.. if you put the Phrazes album up on iTunes with all the all the b-sides and everything. there are 12 songs and the album is 51 minutes long..

if you look at 1251 it is symmetrical.. if you flip it upside down and backwards it says the same thing...1251

More symmetry..

if you look at the song in Phrazes on a horizontal plane there is also symmetry..

Out of the Blue, L&R, 11th Dimension, 4 chords, Ludlow st, River of Brakelights, Glass, Tourist

So look at the first 2 songs.. they matchup with the last 2 songs stylistically.. and 11th dimension matches up with River of brakelights stylistically.. and 4 chords and matches up with Ludlow in that they are both so weird and old style...

Maybe these all mirror each other in their eras?

I noticed that some of the lyrics from Brakelights also matchup with lyrics from 11th Dimension.. I wonder if the mirror songs all match-up with each other lyrically?

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