Ell Driver and Knowing yoo OUT themselves

Nov 04

Ell Driver and Knowing yoo OUT themselves

Posted by Max Fischer on

It;s obvious now who has been trolling me using aliases.. coincidentally they show up now and replace coxcommunicationz.. and all the other lunatics all over my jock of late.. LOL I knew it all the time..

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Remember when an alias started posting "funny pics" just like Elle driver and I busted her on it? LOL.... Ohh.. good times.. talk about FUll Retard.. hehehe


Dude.. this shit is going on for a year.. lol.. It i aliases.. it's the same tools doing the same shit over and over.. why do you think the people harassing me most never have more than 50 posts? And it's a constantly rotating group...

Max, grow up. sorry bro, but i highly doubt anyone here is using aliases. just becauase not everyone disagrees with you doesn't mean we all have some secret conspiracy against you and making thread after thread about it isn't gonna do anything productive. i think everyone here really needs to find something else to do with their time until the new album comes

If you want me to actually listen to that shit put it up on youtube or myspace.. I'm not downloading all that shit..

Yeah.. keep rationalizing that.. you can learn all the technological stuff in the world.. but that isn't the hard part.. the hard part is actually creating something new.. you are never going to learn that in school.. and if you had that ability you wouldn't need to be hiding in school in the first place.. you wouldn't even want to.. but that's a good thing.. you obviously aren't the creative type.. so it's a good thing you are in school and can get a normal job. Just don't take your lack of talent and creativity out on others that DO have it.. and don't pretend you know anything more about music than anyone else just because you have a degree... because you really don't... if anything all school is doing is teaching you how to close your mind because schools don't teach people how to think for themselves.. they teach people how to think like each other..

But I am a musician. I make music.

I want to be better at it. This isn't some songwriting convention. The music I make has technological elements. Music production is a science as well as an art, and is something that can be taught.

There's stuff I'm learning now that I would never pick up on my own.

For someone that supposedly wants to be a musician.. yes.. educating yourself is a bad thing.. you are obviously afraid to actually BE a musician.. yet you obviously like to think you know all about it.. your asserting your opinions on this board shows how insecure you are about that...

It's a masters, not a degree.

I mean, I don't know how this is an argument? Are you trying to say that educating myself is a bad thing? Really?

Then why are you going for another? LOL Obtuseness.. it's like a kid hitting theirself in the head with a tack hammer.. doesn't your head hurt kid?

I already have a degree.

Right... LOL

That is why youa re so concerned with trying to run me off ehre.. because you have no time to post here.. LOL :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Man... you really are stupid. You better get that degree.. because that is the only way you are going to succeed... by working for someone else.. you aren't sharp enough to make it any other way.

Thankfully my every waking hour is not occupied. I can happily spare an hour to listen to music and do this. It's quite entertaining.

Youa re here now... they are not.. LOL It doesn't take a fucking rocket sceintist to figure out what is going on... LOL

You claim to be working on your masters so you have no tiem yet you are here wasting time in the exact same way as your aliases.. LOL Man you are stupid.. LOL

So we really are back to the old alias argument again...

Fine, I admit it. We're aliases. All of us. Every music journalist who gave the Strokes a bad review? That was me. The youtube comments saying the strokes are shit? Me too.

I'm not actually doing a masters. That was a lie. I prefer to spend all my time being all the people you ever disagreed with online. Which is a lot of fucking people...

Oh.. yes.. coxcommunixations hated you.. how clever.. he can't be you then.. LOL

Ell yoo!

Coxcommuincations hated me, remember?

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