Julian in Concert (lenght of concert)

Nov 04

Julian in Concert (lenght of concert)

Posted by trixiebelle12 on

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has seen him play the new album live. I'm interested in seeing him play in LA, but the cost for 2 tickets is $100, and the new album is only 40 minutes long. That just seems like a lot of money for such a short show. So my question is does anyone know if he plays extra songs or how long the show is?

Thank you, Trixiebelle

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well the secret show that he played at the spaceland on monday night was 40 mins long and he only sang 6 of the 8 songs from his album but thats cus it was just a small gig for his record release.
Im assuming he's deffinetly going to play all 8 songs plus his b-sides.so the show will probaly be about an hr or so.
And I mean c'mon Its JULIAN CASABLANCAS! its worth every penny!

p.s.is anyone planning on going to the Nov.27th show?and when do tickets go on sale! Im dying here! I wanna buy them already so I can be 100 percent sure that Im gonna see him!

who knows, he may also play some covers or something...
4 of the 5 strokes shows I've been to they've played at least one cover...

He has some B-sides, but I dunno if he plays 'em. It'd probably be a safe bet to assume so.