Every user in regards to Max

Nov 05

Every user in regards to Max

Posted by TheEngineer on

Since we are all schizophrenic aliases.
Let's all ignore Max.
He is annoying as fuck,
haha! and have you noticed that when we ignore him, he begins to whine and cry like the pussy eater his mother is?
(= anyway, ignore the fuck out of him, we're all he's got.
(= Put his "very creative" theory of a fucking band being a fucking secret organization away.
We don't seem to smack him out of his own bullshit. So let him rot in it.
Max, we all know you have a vivid and wild imagination. (= props for that man. *all of us applaud*

AND TRY TO KEEP IT ON FOREVER. (= Let's see how long we last. TEAM DEFECT.
(obviously he doesn't understand us conspirators)
((the bitch doesn't understand websites, period.)) but let him think we are a secret organization composed of evil lizards dominating the planet.
After this post, he'll put together a bunch of meaningless shit and manage to make the stupidest idea ever.

LIKE THE PREDICTABLE: "Oh Team Defect, I'll never join you, NEVER!!!!"
just watch. he'll post that, eventually, and when he does. DO NOT RESPOND.

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