Screw Pitichfork

Nov 05

Screw Pitichfork

Posted by Eric080 on

Wow, anybody see their review today? 5.5. No kidding. I guess that means they're too hip to like good stuff :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I thought they would either praise the classical influence in the sound or criticize how Casablancas tried to fit too much stuff into each song. River of Breaklights was the one I thought he failed at "cramming" in all of the stuff (like that little Daft Punk solo thing, what was that? :? ), but everything else fit together very well. Ludlow St. is great, but God forbid, it's country-influenced! Pitchfork is too snobby to stoop that low. This is disappointing :evil:

I'll be there to read tomorrow's reviews though :D

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