JULIAN: "Why don't we all drive concept cars?"

Nov 05

JULIAN: "Why don't we all drive concept cars?"

Posted by Max Fischer on

[quote][b]It also fits with the retro-futuristic vibe: Taking something from the past and pushing it forward.[/b]

Julian: Totally. Yes. I love that stuff. You know the way they designed the future in the 1960s? Cars just looked better back then. Let's just make cars look like that, now. All those concept cars? Why did they not make those?[/quote]

This is how i view Phrazes for the Young.. and even Is This It and the rest of Julian's stuff... everyone else in music today is making boring cars cars like everyone else... Julian is actually making those concept cars....

The sad thing is that Julian said he held himself back when making this record because he was afraid people wouldn't take it seriously. I hope that this album is really successful and that encourages him to actually do what he wants to do without holding back because I like what he was going for and I think I would like an extreme version even more.

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