Nov 05


Posted by ditto delbalzo on awesome, groundbreaking, inspiring, and a consistent and terrific pleasure to listen to. I just don't know why he spelled "Phrazes" with a "z".

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Eh. I think he's into urban culture. That Z may just be some sort of stereotypical modification of 'Phrases'.

I think he was trying to let people know that he wasn't just doing a copy of the Oscar Wilde book Phrases and Philosophies for the use of the Young.. by spelling it the way he did he is letting people know it's his own thing... his own twist on it.. I also think he was referencing musical phrases as well...

Not to have copyright problems I think, but i'm not sure.

I agree with you, in fact now that I listened to it so many times, I just take 1 day off, and then the pleasure comes back again. I never speak about albums like that except for The Strokes (and now Jules).
Just listened to the b-sides, pretty weird (except the christmas song that I knew from SNL), but the album made the same impression the first time.

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