Juliet: book for Julian about Inventor

Nov 05

Juliet: book for Julian about Inventor

Posted by Max Fischer on

Hi Juliet.. I am taking a guess that you read here.

If someone else from Wizkid reads here then please pass this message along to Juliet/Jules!

I have read in an article that Julian was interested in inventing.. here is a great FICTION book about an inventor that I think Julian might really dig -- It's called [b]Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand[/b]. I think any inventor should read it.


It takes place before the 1950s and is kind of like their vision of the future at the time mixed with the past. It's really cool. I think Jules would really like the style of it. It also has some great philosophical elements to it, too.

I have heard they are making a movie about it soon so I think it's a good idea to read the book first in case the movie sucks and creates a bad impression of the book.


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