Stuntman_sergio, Max, Gac

Nov 08

Stuntman_sergio, Max, Gac

Posted by TheEngineer on

Why do you acknowledge guys like those?
They are horrible and boring.
And you losers tend to steam up over them.
It's severely annoying.
Max, please, why are you begging for attention?
Gac, please, why are you begging for controversy?
stuntman, why are you begging for both?

If aliases existed, it would be that you all were the same person.
And when you can't distinguish a person over another, you know they lack creativity.
And you boys struggle so much to gain recognition. Anyway, I'm leaving.
I'm getting out of my way to tell you this.
Because i am honestly worried if you boys will make a name for YOURSELVES.
I've made mine, and I am a teenager. A self-made wealthy and prestigious teen boy. Who has time to still spend time on the board of his favorite band.
Anyway, i am not telling this because i care for you, but because it's really annoying that you're on here.
It feels like i am reading the rough drafts of high school students. And all of you other kids who talk back to them, just get fuck out.


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