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Nov 08

New to the Board

Posted by GoofTROOP on

^^ Hey, I hope this board isn't as negative as Interpol's or as stupid as the Killers. I'm Sarah btw :D

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As have I! It's spam free there ;]

Yeah I jumped the boat too.

They're so much more tolerable.

yes agree wth m shea.
Hardtoexplan forum s AMAZNG!


Yeah, it's no good here haha. Go to! That's where I've been recently...I prefer it by a significant margin (although it's still nice to check in here and contribute to some dumb argument just for fun).

Hi Sarah!

Just to warn u before hand this bored is getting pretty stupid,filled with tons of spam and posts made my Stupid fake Stroke Fans who ruin this forum for all the true fans.Its pretty sad :[

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