Julian and Architect Frank Gehry

Nov 13

Julian and Architect Frank Gehry

Posted by Max Fischer on

Frank Gehry was famous for this house of his he bought and renovated.. he took a normal boring house and built onto it in very weird ways. He used materials that are found in your neighborhood that most people think are ugly and tried to make something beautiful with them. It seems like Julian is doing the same thing in Phrazes whether it is intentional or not..

The house he first did this with he called a laboratory for architecture... In a sense what he did is to take a normal house form the suburbs and built this kind of Frankenstein house around it... so when you were IN the house you were actually sitting outside the original house.. it was awesome..


Look at this picture here.. here you are in the kitchen.. but if you look to the right you can see the outside of the original house INSIDE the kitchen..


It seems like Julian kind of did this with his songs.. he took different songs and fused them together... you have a country song INSIDE a weird electronic song..

Or pieces of 80s songs built onto each other and fragmented like corrugated metal and chain link fence in this house..