Who should produce now that they are disagreeing...

Nov 17

Who should produce now that they are disagreeing...

Posted by mjs05g on

So as it seems the Strokes are having a difficult time settling on when to begin and what should be on the album, who should produce?

Before we started to hear of trouble, I thought dangermouse might have worked well but now it seems they need someone who will produce and also babysit/act as psychiatrist for the band. They need a voice of reason. The first producer that comes to mind is Rick Rubin. Although, I absolutely despise his dry production, he could definitely point these guys in the right direction. But, Rubin hasn't produced anything good in the past 10 years. Next, I would say Nigel Godwrich. The guy is a genius and when asked in interviews about his Room on Fire sessions it sounded like he really had big ideas for the band, but him and Julian clashed over control issues. Any other suggestions?

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