No more anxiety

Nov 27

No more anxiety

Posted by hope on

Hi everyone

Sorry to be off topic but I coudn't resist sharing this, hoping it might help some of you.
I am not really new to this forum but never bothered to write anything until now. I have reading around this and that forum to find some solution to my problems. I don't want to bore you guys with my horror story but I would like to say a few words to encourage others.

I use to get panic attacks since my childhood and now I am 26. I was some how living with it due to support from my father and friend. I am shy by nature and find it hard to mix with people and so I have few friends. But around 5 years ago, things turned to worst. I lost my parents in an accident. I then my life was turned upside down. I some how managed to get a boyfriend and I finally felt like coming back to life. I loved her and he too but I guess, I was making his life miserable and so he left, 6 months ago. Ok enough of my sad life.

I actually never lost faith in myself. I was taking medication and I spent quite a lot of time on internet looking for some miracle information. I bought lot of books, CDs and what not. And then, I stumbled upon this course by Mr. Sal. It's called Panic away. Just search for "panicaway dot com" and u will find it. I also tried the famous linden method but former seems to work better for me.

And since then my life is slowly and slowly turning around.
His approach is simple and yet effective. I started reading it around 4 months ago and the last attack that I got was 41 days ago. Earlier, it used to be like 1-2 times each week.I wish that I had found this course an year ago. Anyway. That's it, I would say that you guys so give it a try and if this helps you then my effort of writing this looong post would be worthwhile.

I am now looking forward to a life without fears. Wish me good luck.

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"Wish me good luck."

Good Luck! :mrgreen:

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