What made you like The Strokes?

Dec 01

What made you like The Strokes?

Posted by antoniog718 on

for me it was julians voice, he sounded different than anyone i had heard and the rhythms were awesome that followed. and Someday got me hooked on them! sigh.... nostalgia!!!

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i was like 14 or 15, i never really liked music or atleast the music that was on the radio and tv, it was all hip hop bullshit then i saw them live on mad tv, Nikolai's bass lick in Is This It caught me, and the next day i bought a bass guitar. I am now 19 and own 7 guitars all 3 strokes cd's all their solo albums. Music is just about the largest part of my life

KellC92 i know exactly what u mean and meeting at a show would be freaking awesome!!!!!!! i love the strokes! i wish i knew every one on here personally i hate when my friends make fun of the strokes saying they stroke it it pisses me off i tell them its meant to stroke the guitar but man i cant wait to hear their new records!!

At first, it was how deeply rooted the strokes were in hip-hop. At the time, I had a bunch of friends who were into hip-hop, and when I showed them you can nod your head to the strokes, their music tastes expanded. Their music is just so catchy. But with First Impressions, everything changed. The Strokes became not as easy to listen to, but this factor ultimately made me worship them more. First Impressions is the perfect record. It's weird but yet so well established. The songs rock and each have their own theme. I listen to the record religiously, but I can listen to You Only Live Once infinitely. If they had made a record similar to their first two albums, this would perhaps been much different. But since Impressions is so different than anything else, I've stood around.

i started liking the strokes during the summer of 2008 when i was 10 years old and i was listening to a green day song on my laptop and i sed to my brother next to me "this is an awesome song" then he grabs my laptop and says " this is a really good song too" and he starts playing Someday and i really liked it and i was amazed how awesome the song was (and how cute julian was haha :) so ya i guess i have my brother to thank for helping me discover one of my now favorite bands :D

haha Thats an awesom story Headphones!

For me It was Whatever Happened. I was like 12 and I was trying to find some good music to listen to when I came accross my older sister's ROF Cd.I put it in the CD player and out of the speakers came out the amzing guitar riffs and then Julian's strange but beautiful voice.It was like Love at first sight or listen!haha.That day was majical! So I guess I have my sister to thank and her amazing taste in music that I never appreciated when I was a little kid.

And omg that would be sooo awesom if we could all meet up at a Stroke Show!I always wanted to do that.It sucks cus None of my friends like my music or they don't even know who the Srokes are and my family gets annoyed by me.I have no one to share my obsessed crazed love for them except you guys!Thanks guys!

thanks maxx youre awweosme and headphones thats pretty sweet i wish everyone of us could meet at the strokes shows haha wouldnt that be awesome??

[quote="Max Fischer"]That's really funny Headphones.. there probably isn't another person in the world that discovered the Strokes like that. haha[/quote]

Thanks, haha it is kind of a weird story and it also makes me very happy inside to know you guys are out there too.

I love you too.. and all Strokes fans. :D I know exactly what you are saying about Julian's voice. So amazing and cool.

i love you guys for being strokes fans it feels like no 1 else understannds their music like i do . thanks guys!!!

That's really funny Headphones.. there probably isn't another person in the world that discovered the Strokes like that. haha

For me, Pizza hut was having this special offer thing where if you buy a certain amount of pizzas, they would make you a mixed cd. At the time I was really young and I didn't know what to choose, so I asked my sister to pick out the songs. Take it or Leave it was one of the songs, and I have been into them ever since. I still have the cd somewhere, It was called cool remix or something lame like that.

For me I saw them the first time they were on Conan O'Brien.. I was like 9 or 10.. and I was amazed by Julian's voice and the music -- it was The Modern Age.

I was shocked by how good they were because I didn't like much music then - -especially rock stuff. I hated the stuff my older brothers played. I remember being skeptical though that they were really that good and then the more I learned about their music the more I loved it.. it's funy though looking back how I was afraid they were too good to be true.

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