NOT SPAM: It was a lot more fun when Julian was in LA....

Dec 09

NOT SPAM: It was a lot more fun when Julian was in LA....

Posted by Max Fischer on

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yeah I guess in a way it is more special

and I dont remember the exact set list.
but on the 13th he played
All 8 tracks,Ill Try anything once, Old hollywood, and I Love LA
On the 27th:
All 8 tracks, New Song, I love LA, and 30 min bf

If you guys havn't heard the new song you need too! it's freakin sick! I swear! He must come out with a studio version of it.Its amazing!

I have videos too..Ill post them up later.Im lazy right

aw dude i saw julian on the 20th!!!! it wass amaaaaazinnng!!!! i loved it :D

You are lucky though because I think Jules solo performance is more special than Strokes shows.. a lot more people can and will see Strokes shows.. but only a handful of people get to see Jules solo show AND especially the LA shows which are the most special. Also, Jules shows seems more intimate than a Strokes show.

Could you put a track listing of the 2 shows you saw?

Yeah I saw him on the 13th.I was in the pit for that one and touched his soft hand.ahhh! and then again on the 27th (the last show) which was even more amazing than the 1st time I went even tho I didn't have pit tix.I want more! lol.
but don't worry max you will see the Strokes soon! That will be even more epic!

You saw him TWICE?! Damn.. so lucky.. it made it so painful for me though because I feel like I am so close to LA but still couldn't see him. Made it all the more painful. Why couldn't he have gone solo ONE year later when I am 18? Crazy...

aww I know what you mean!
I saw him twice! Best nights of my life!sorry you were not able to see him
And I hope he does letterman too!

but afterwards C'mon Stroke IV Lets goooo!

I couldn't see him in LA. My mom wouldn't let me. She wouldn't take me and wouldn't let me go with friends.

But I just meant how when Julian was in LA that it seemed like a lot more was going on around here.. more interviews.. more action. Now it feels like we will have to wait for the next strokes album for anything good to happen again.

Hopefully he does Letterman when he gets to New York. I wonder what song he would do on Letterman? Ludlow street? haha Or 11th dimension again? Left and Right in the Dark would be sweeeet!

I didn't know that you went to see him...

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