I've never ever ever been to a concert/show =[

Dec 21

I've never ever ever been to a concert/show =[

Posted by troywilliams on

BUT! my awesome friends got me tickits to go see Julian in boston, im soo nervous i cant even imagen how its going to be. my friends said they'll push n shove they're way up to the front for me so i can see julian up close n personal.

safgareityauehnfbhkjga AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was VERY surprised to hear that my friend lin got me and her tickits. i spent two days begging my sister get them for me but she dident then next thing i know my friend lin is like "got the tix" all casual ajdghbkuraghbab. i cant imagen a better way to pop my show cherry lol im gonna try and hug him if we get up front ive got such a man crush on him i feel like if i was a girl id be in love with him, anyway enough gushing over julian (just saw him on late night)

I STILLLLL cant belive im going to see julian i really cant, i think im going to have a nervous break down seriously guys. i think the julian party at my place sounds like a good idea, ill go for it lol.

p.s. if theres any kind of stuff id have to know about shows let me know i dont wanna feel like that freshmen that walks into the school cafeteria and sits with the kool kids

AWESOM! you really do have great freinds.My friends would never do that for me.I always go to concrts with my sister cus my friends have horrible taste in music.And I know for a fact that this will be an AMAZING 1st show my friend!
I wanna see Jules again.It all feels like a dream now

and haha whoo party at troy's house!

They should have a contest where you get to bring Julian home for a few days.. he just hangs out and acts uber cool LMAO

i've been tryina think of somthing, my roomate has a sweet camra, anda camcorder so idk yet. ill just kidnap him and everyone can come have a party at my place with julian. lol i cant wait to see your footage!

You better do something really cool when you see Julian! I'm going to record Julian tonight and hopefully have a really good copy up by tomorrow latest.

Thanx dood! i do have good friends even tho i dont have alll that many the ones i gots are the best. it still hasent hit me that im gonna go see julian, i cant wait to see julian tonight on late night its almost time!

Congratulations man... you have some coool friends. Seriously!

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