Julian On Letterman!

Dec 31

Julian On Letterman!

Posted by LightningBlueEyes on

Next wed.1/6/10
What do you guys think he will sing?
Probally 11th dimension since the video is out?

Oh and Happy NYE everyone and for those of you who are already in 2010 Happy New Year!

2010-The Year of the STROKES

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MAX! i used photobucket if you wanna look...thats my little family of ducks...but all the other ducks came out of nowhere one day!!! they must b from canada... but yeah my boyfriend took these pictures of jules and siksix for me. He knows i loooooooooooooooove the jujubean!

That is really cool Kookies. You are so lucky you saw Telepathe too. I really like them and so does Julian!

You should post the pics Kookies. Use photobucket.

and I agree everyone is weird in their own way. But Aspgergerians are especially weird. and people don't care why.. people just don't like people that are different and Aspies seem rude to them and vice versa but we don't do it on purpose.

OK! well i didnt see any other strokes like i did at alberts debut but this place was mch bigger!
i saw the second-last night.
he did three unknown songs, and had eclectic-weird opening acts. They played the christmas song wishing everyone a happy new year-decade and he told his band how much he loved them which made my heart sink- dont know if theyre gonna stay 2gether wen he goes back to strokes.
ummm...YES! i got bunch of pics but i dont know how to post them.
i got the THE coolest tshirt !!!!

and its funny you should talk about normal people wen noone really is! lol and you know what? its better to b alone than in bad company or as robin williams says- better to b alone than with people that make you feel alone! just keep lookg for happiness and never quit- yoooull find it!!

That's really cool kookies. Did you get any pics? You should write down the set list. Did you see him the first or second day? Did you see any other Strokes there or celebs?

As for Asperger's.. it affects me in a lot of ways. People with Asperger's tend to obsess about things more than other people which I think "normal" people get annoyed by. It also causes problems with relating to people. I have trouble communicating with people like everyone else. I have problems with small talk etc.

It can be very frustrating because you want to be social and friendly and have friends but you can't... you physically can't. It's like paralysis. I feel like I have trouble relating to people my own age too because I'm so weird and my life is so different. In some ways I am more advanced than people my own age and some ways less advanced I just feel like I don't fit in anywhere so most the time I would rather just be by myself.

Max yes i already had... and now i think i realize what you were talking about. it doesnt mean youre any less professional, stable, witty!!!!

NEWAY I SAW THE JULEZ!!!!! he looked just like your picture!! lol I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! it was weird. i love weird ,but it was also sooo normal everyone had a great time and julian gave away his MIC STAND!!!?!?!?!?! more later...

Julian if you are reading this you should stay calm and make pretend youre singing the album when you are singing live. You are going to hurt your voice.

woooo hoooo lalalalalalalala! so happy to have seen him! :D

Seriously... What do you do? haha How old are you? I don't mean to pry. Just curious.

Hey.. did you Google Asperger's?

Im a plumber max.

[size=85]just kidding[/size]

You're soooo lucky, Kookies!

Hey Kookies how old are you? Do you go to school or work?

I wanted him to do ludlow st! another vibe from album but im glad he didnt give the album awa! you know? He started strong and then looked kinda tired... HE BETTER GET REST!! IM COUNTING ON MY TOES THE DAYS TO SEE HIM THISSSS FRIDAY!!!!

I wish he had performed another song, but anyways it was a good performance.

I wonder to whom he is referring to at the end of it???????????

found this


whats hte? And I think he did Out of the Blue cause he was in new york, also i think it was a tad bit too much leather for Julian but he did great

The performance was great.even tho I wanted him to sing another song.but oh well.His performances are progressing each time.I love it! and I squealed when he tucked at his collar.It brought me back memories to the TIOLI performance.good times!

Was a great performance!

It should be posted on the HTE board. You should go there, Elisha. They have a lot of stuff on that site.

yayy hes on tonite but noooo I wont be home to watch it, can someone post a youtube link or something after his performance????

ooops. i hope he does ludlow street or song b4 that tonight!

I hope it's something new and if not then I would prefer 11th dimension over Out of th Blue just because Julian has done that one a lot lately also because 11D was not that great on Conan tho I still loved it.

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